Christmas in Spain is celebrated twice per year; first on Christmas Eve, and then again on Reyes – Three Kings Day, or the Epiphany – when children traditionally receive gifts delivered to them from bearded sorcerers of the Far East. Reyes Eve is celebrated throughout Spain with a Cabalgata de Reyes, a parade in which sweets are tossed by the kings’ retinues atop floats onto the onlookers below. It is said that Reyes is a children’s event, but at a Reyes parade adults briefly turn into children again.

A group of militant students demands tribute from onlookers on balconies
A gorilla patiently makes his way through the crowded streets as children make fun of his enormous ‘culo’
Onlookers seek refuge from hail of sweets, others celebrate and envy winnings
Onlookers seek approval of King Balthazar
A Biblical-sized serpent passes through the parade
Onlookers in wild adulation as Gaspar the Wise delivers the goods