Shots from Jerez #2: Second Hand Sundays (Photo Story)

Every Sunday in Jerez de la Frontera, a constant trickle of families, couples and dogs slowly meander their way on through the shade of the Jacaranda trees covering countless little stalls selling everything you could possibly imagine. This is the Mercadillo El Rastro, Jerez’s Sunday stroll of choice.


Brownie box cameras, petrol tanks, fascist-faced coins, old-fashioned irons, damajuana jugs for filling with wine, countless cheap and tacky treasures from the Orient… yes, the Rastro has it all.


Even if you don’t buy anything there, it is enjoyable just to wander through the trash and treasure, observe the characters plying their wares, listen to the haggling, partake in a little yourself..


Sunday in Jerez is a languid stroll through the market, a paseo down the old centre, a tapa in the plaza, and a flamenco lullaby good night at the tabanco. Sunday in Jerez, like Sunday in anywhere, is the best day of them all.


If you enjoyed this story, let me know! Or if you think I can improve my photography, any tips, hints or links would be very welcome!

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