The Revolt of the Ladders: Movistar-Telefonica Strikers’ Occupation, Barcelona (24/05/15)

Over one hundred years ago the International Workingman’s Association, the First International, gave voice to the hundreds of millions of impoverished workers of the world when in 1866 it declared that all workers should enjoy the right to eight hours work, eight hours rest and eight hours play. Continue reading “The Revolt of the Ladders: Movistar-Telefonica Strikers’ Occupation, Barcelona (24/05/15)”

Movie Review: Land and Freedom (1995), Ken Loach

Of the very few English language films on the Spanish Civil War that there are, Ken Loach’s Land and Freedom is one of the better ones for the portrait if paints of the spirit of those long lost times. For new-comers to the subject of the Civil War, the film is a great introductory dramatisation of the both the war itself and the war within the war, that is, the ideological, political and, ultimately, military conflict between the various factions, parties, militias, armies and governments of the Republican resistance. Continue reading “Movie Review: Land and Freedom (1995), Ken Loach”

Russell and The Revolution

When I was a kid I always thought that the times I was living through were the ‘boring’ times of human history. I felt that feeling of those times that history had really ‘ended’, just as Fukuyama had declared a year after my birth. When I flicked through an illustrated history book that my grandmother gave me and my brother, I figured that all the world had already been explored, all the world’s ancient cultures had already been dug up, all the big wars already fought, all the depressions wrought.

Continue reading “Russell and The Revolution”

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