Recommended Reads

Lives and Times has friends in far places who are committed to exploring, questioning, and documenting the diversity of the world around them. Here is a list of recommended reads:

  • Journeyman Joe

    From Costa Rica to Spain, from the Canaries to Korea, Journeyman Joe is travelling the wide world one continent at a time, and keeping us updated on his movements as he goes along. His humorous reflections range from ruminations on Korean recycling systems to perplexity on Korean baseball traditions.

  • Manhattan Eterno: Proyecto Cultural, Espacio de Encuentro

    Manhattan Eterno is a collection of political and cultural analysis from journalist Celia Asencio. Critical-thinker, traveller, and teacher, Celia Asencio  has built Manhattan Eterno as “…un proyecto cultural que aúna todas las vertientes periodísticas y culturales, periodismo y arte, arte y periodismo en uno para darle voz a las injusticias sociales, a las historias grandes o pequeñas, a las voces de los lugares más recónditos, a la poesía, a la imagen cuando vale más que mil palabras, a la opinión y a los olvidados…”

  • In the Packet Boat

    In the Packet Boat is where you will find the political analysis and literature of Scott Arthurson – writer, thinker, and friend. His work on the French and Australian political class exemplifies his piercing writing:

    “…In every curio-bedecked sitting room and artisanal food store there are mutterings about the easily-fooled masses who don’t deserve the vote: the tinnie guzzling, singlet-wearing, immigrant-hating philistines who brandish their southern cross tattoos with idiot pride. On each one’s V8 ute a bumper-sticker reads: Love it or Leave. Nearly choking on his or her liquid-nitrogen ice-cream, the compassionate cosmopolitan splutters: “Why don’t the bogans leave?”…”

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