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Imagining a Cooperative Australia (Essay)

Australia is in the early twenty-first century a society of competition. We teach our children to compete in academic achievement, with their talents and even against each other with ‘likes’, and in their maturity they will compete with their degrees and compete for internships. Continue reading “Imagining a Cooperative Australia (Essay)”

The Power and the Passion of Marinaleda: A Vanguard Village (Feature)

On the road to the ‘Utopia towards Peace’

‘Marinaleda!?’ we call out to the few cars rolling down the country road to an Andalusian utopia. Most drivers unwillingly decline – headed elsewhere, they indicate; no room in the scoop, a tractor-driver laughs – but soon enough one stops to help out two lost pilgrims. Francisco is his name, and he tells us that our promised land, though beautiful, has both its disciples and its dissidents; those who would call its mayor, Juan Manuel Sánchez Gordillo, a prophet, and those who would call him a despot. Continue reading “The Power and the Passion of Marinaleda: A Vanguard Village (Feature)”

Meeting the Real Fresh Food People at the Bathurst Wholefood Co-operative

Bland, hard tomatoes; exploitative milk pricing wars; aisles and aisles of sugar and salt filled foods; apples from Japan and nectarines from China – all of it chemical laden and all of it sold to you from two or three supermarket giants. That is what our food industry looks like today, and that is exactly what the Bathurst Wholefood Co-operative was founded to challenge. Continue reading “Meeting the Real Fresh Food People at the Bathurst Wholefood Co-operative”

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