La democracia multipolar amanezca en Australia

Un nuevo horizonte político ya ha amanecido en Australia: una democracia multipolar. Durante décadas, el bipartidismo ha reinado en el parlamento australiano, y durante los años más recientes parecía que nunca llegaría al país el fenómeno del declive en el voto tradicional que derrotó a los partidos históricos de Europa, tan profundas eran las trincheras políticas, tan estables eran las pautas electorales.

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Australia Urged to Condemn Human Rights Horror in the Philippines

When Marklen Maojo Maga was playing basketball with some friends, plain-clothes security agents seized the thirty-nine year old union organiser and forced him into an unmarked van, accusing him of possessing firearms and hand-grenades. Maga has just dropped off his son to school, he protested; and why, his union asked, would he be carrying explosives while playing basketball? Continue reading “Australia Urged to Condemn Human Rights Horror in the Philippines”

Australian unions seek to “balance the power of the powerful” in historic election


On 18 May, Australians will cast their votes in an election that has workers’ rights at centre-stage. In what has been declared by the social-democratic opposition Labor Party as a “referendum on wages”, the proposed policies on workplace relations have not been more divergent in over a decade. Continue reading “Australian unions seek to “balance the power of the powerful” in historic election”

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