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Born and raised in regional Australia, Tim began documenting his travel through Spain’s Catalonia, Andalucía, and Galicia. Today, Tim writes from Sydney, Australia, where he works in communications and advocacy. Tim also works as a freelance copywriter at Sharp Pencil Press.

Lives and Times… Writing on the World Around us.

On the borders of journalism and reflection, Lives and Times is writing on the world around us; its people, landscapes, and their futures. Lives and Times is writing on the natural world, societal transformation, and human diversity.

Tim’s writing has been published in:

  • Global Voices: An international community of writers working to build understanding across borders.
  • Michael West Media: An independent publisher covering the rising power of corporations over democracy.
  • Pearls and Irritations: A platform for the exchange of ideas from a progressive, liberal perspective, with an emphasis on peace and justice.
  • The Equal Times: Global news and analysis to inform and inspire action, founded by the ITUC.
  • El Salto: A democratic and collectivist journal covering Spanish politics and economics.
  • Independent Australia: A progressive journal focusing on Australian politics, democracy, and the environment.
  • Roar Magazine: A global journal of the radical imagination, providing grassroots perspectives from the front-lines of the global struggle for real democracy.
  • Outras Palavras: The leading Brazilian journal of post-capitalist thought.

Tim’s work has also been featured in:

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