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Scenes from Jerez

Scenes & Shots from Jezez: Mucho Mosto, Mucho Arte – Alotta Mosto, Alotta Art

If fino wine – crisp, dry, elegant – is Jerez’s summer time drink of choice, then mosto – duller and flatter it is true, but fruity and flavoursome it is is also a fact – is perfect for a mid-winter Sunday session amongst the vines and amidst flowing flamenco rhymes.  Continue reading “Scenes & Shots from Jezez: Mucho Mosto, Mucho Arte – Alotta Mosto, Alotta Art”

Shots from Jerez #2: Second Hand Sundays (Photo Story)

Every Sunday in Jerez de la Frontera, a constant trickle of families, couples and dogs slowly meander their way on through the shade of the Jacaranda trees covering countless little stalls selling everything you could possibly imagine. This is the Mercadillo El Rastro, Jerez’s Sunday stroll of choice. Continue reading “Shots from Jerez #2: Second Hand Sundays (Photo Story)”

Shots from Jerez #1: Street Photography

Shots taken in Jerez de la Frontera over winter 2016.

Continue reading “Shots from Jerez #1: Street Photography”

Scenes from Jerez #8: Plaza de las Angustias

Plaza de las Angustias may not be the most beautiful plaza of Jerez, although it could compete if it weren’t for the occasional cars that circle the raise gardens and fountain that make up this plaza; with its tall palms, enormous agaves, and huge bell shaped flowers that droop down from the bushes this plaza has a tropical style, made for sweltering hot summers. Continue reading “Scenes from Jerez #8: Plaza de las Angustias”

Scenes from Jerez #7: The Old Man and the Sea Inside

An old man, frail and hunched, shuffles on into a railway café – one of those charming little places with a stainless steel bar reflecting the poker machine lights that compete with the beaming TV for your bleary-eyed attention Continue reading “Scenes from Jerez #7: The Old Man and the Sea Inside”

Scenes from Jerez #6: Day of Rest

Sunday night at the Guitarron is always a daydream. A glass of cream sherry warms you up after strolling through the air-tunnel alleyways, and a saludo from the team of veteran barwomen welcomes you while the slow strum of a guitar greets you Continue reading “Scenes from Jerez #6: Day of Rest”

Scenes from Jerez #5: La Pasarela Flamenca 2016

The aroma of Jerez’s famous flor wines that lingers through the Gonzalez Byass bodega mixes with the floral perfumes and colognes of the crowd of people congregating in an old wine cellar to watch some of the most beautiful Andaluzas model the latest in flamenco fashion. Continue reading “Scenes from Jerez #5: La Pasarela Flamenca 2016”

Scenes From Jerez #3: Fiesta

Jerez on New Years’ Eve is a sight: thousands of the city’s young and restless pour into Plaza Arenal to ring in the new year by holding the biggest ‘big bottle’, or botellón, of the year. In a botellón – the logical nocturnal progression of Spain’s al-fresco street culture – the young come together to drink, laugh, flirt and (occasionally) fight their way through the night. Continue reading “Scenes From Jerez #3: Fiesta”

Scenes from Jerez #2: Alegría (Happiness)

In the back streets of Jerez, in the barrio of San Miguel, we found a cave-sized bar filled with cathedral-sized hearts. Continue reading “Scenes from Jerez #2: Alegría (Happiness)”

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