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Shots from Jerez #2: Second Hand Sundays (Photo Story)

Every Sunday in Jerez de la Frontera, a constant trickle of families, couples and dogs slowly meander their way on through the shade of the Jacaranda trees covering countless little stalls selling everything you could possibly imagine. This is the Mercadillo El Rastro, Jerez’s Sunday stroll of choice. Continue reading “Shots from Jerez #2: Second Hand Sundays (Photo Story)”

Festival of the…Sea Urchin! – Photo Report on Cadiz’s ‘Erizada’

Of all countries on earth, Spain, perhaps, is that which has the most festivals and fiestas per capita. An exhaustive list of its festivals would run into the hundreds,  possibly thousands, though there always seems to pop up another one which you hadn’t yet heard of. Springing forth from the community itself, with few rules and regulations, little respect for traffic flow, and a socially diverse crowd of old and young, these parties are truly organic, civic celebrations. Continue reading “Festival of the…Sea Urchin! – Photo Report on Cadiz’s ‘Erizada’”

Shots from Jerez #1: Street Photography

Shots taken in Jerez de la Frontera over winter 2016.

Continue reading “Shots from Jerez #1: Street Photography”

Photo Essay: Barcelona Streets

Returning to Barcelona for a visit I’m reminded of why I loved to lived there and why also I left the city. It is beautiful, modern, vibrant, yes, but cars choke its corazón, noise deafens you, metro crowds unsettle you, and you flee to any corner where there is even just the muted noise of distant cars let alone pure silence. Continue reading “Photo Essay: Barcelona Streets”

The Gitano Heart of Jerez: A Photo Essay on the Barrio de Santiago

Jerez’s Santiago Quarter, famed for its gypsy and flamenco culture, came alive today with a procession of an enormous gilded float through the barrio’s streets and laneways. A group of men carried upon their shoulders a figure of a tormented Jesus Christ on the road to Calvary. After hours of slow manoeuvring around the tight corners, the figure was finally delivered to the newly renovated Church of Santiago, where it will rest until next year’s Semana Santa celebrations.

Continue reading “The Gitano Heart of Jerez: A Photo Essay on the Barrio de Santiago”

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