Festival of the…Sea Urchin! – Photo Report on Cadiz’s ‘Erizada’

Of all countries on earth, Spain, perhaps, is that which has the most festivals and fiestas per capita. An exhaustive list of its festivals would run into the hundreds,  possibly thousands, though there always seems to pop up another one which you hadn’t yet heard of. Springing forth from the community itself, with few rules and regulations, little respect for traffic flow, and a socially diverse crowd of old and young, these parties are truly organic, civic celebrations.

One such fiesta is Cadiz’s annual Erizada, the Sea Urchin Festival. The streets of this sea-girt city fill with masses of people sucking down the innards of sea urchins while guzzling down bottles of wine and bumping to the drum-beat rhythms booming around. But this, this is only the prelude. In a few weeks time, the city will burst to the seams for nearly two weeks of Carnaval, when men in flamboyant costumes sing songs to the crowds from atop their floats moving throughout the city’s narrow streets.



If you’ve enjoyed this report or have any questions about festivals in Spain, or if you want to share some memories about Spain and its vibrant street life, then please leave me a comment below!

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