The Gitano Heart of Jerez: A Photo Essay on the Barrio de Santiago

Jerez’s Santiago Quarter, famed for its gypsy and flamenco culture, came alive today with a procession of an enormous gilded float through the barrio’s streets and laneways. A group of men carried upon their shoulders a figure of a tormented Jesus Christ on the road to Calvary. After hours of slow manoeuvring around the tight corners, the figure was finally delivered to the newly renovated Church of Santiago, where it will rest until next year’s Semana Santa celebrations.

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Getting Real at Cala de San Pedro, Almería

Sharing a chocolate-scented joint at the natural spring with his friend, a naked cave dweller tells us to “just go that way past the castle, past the latrines, and you’ll get to the beach… or maybe not, maybe you go that way… either way man, go whatever way you like!” – in Cala de San Pedro you go and do wherever and whatever you like, whenever you want, however you feel. Continue reading “Getting Real at Cala de San Pedro, Almería”


The heavy air has tranquilised the crowd, the sun keeps burning down and the humidity is making us all slowly stink of sweat. Risking headaches today and hangovers tomorrow, we all guzzle down endless quantities of beer and fino to cool us down, making the hill hike-induced lethargy only stronger Continue reading “¡Toro!”

Translation of ‘Nostalgia’ – Almudena Grandes, El País

This is an article which I found so beautifully written and powerfully expressed. It speaks of that nostalgia that surely every single one of us feels in this bizarre new world we are blindly entering into; the world of postmodernity. A de-humanised, de-politicised, de-sensitised world without meaning, without silence, without belief, beauty, privacy, community, hope Continue reading “Translation of ‘Nostalgia’ – Almudena Grandes, El País”

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