Photo Essay: A Living Nativity Scene in Arcos de la Frontera

Every year in Arcos de la Frontera, a small but spectacular hilltop village in Spain’s south, the local people create what they call Belen Viviente, a living nativity scene or living Bethlehem. Visitors walking through the streets and plazas see bakers, iron-smiths, weavers and farmers working and living as if it were a typically brisk December’s night in Palestine some 2016 years ago. 2016 years on, millions of Marys and Josephs continue seeking room at the inn, still to no avail. Continue reading “Photo Essay: A Living Nativity Scene in Arcos de la Frontera”


The heavy air has tranquilised the crowd, the sun keeps burning down and the humidity is making us all slowly stink of sweat. Risking headaches today and hangovers tomorrow, we all guzzle down endless quantities of beer and fino to cool us down, making the hill hike-induced lethargy only stronger Continue reading “¡Toro!”

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