Movie Review: Land and Freedom (1995), Ken Loach

Of the very few English language films on the Spanish Civil War that there are, Ken Loach’s Land and Freedom is one of the better ones for the portrait if paints of the spirit of those long lost times. For new-comers to the subject of the Civil War, the film is a great introductory dramatisation of the both the war itself and the war within the war, that is, the ideological, political and, ultimately, military conflict between the various factions, parties, militias, armies and governments of the Republican resistance. Continue reading “Movie Review: Land and Freedom (1995), Ken Loach”

Blood Behind the Walls of Montjuic and Castelldefels

bThe story of two old castles sitting above and beyond Barcelona is one of gaolers becoming the gaoled, and the gaoled becoming the gaolers.  The guns that look down on Barcelona from Montjuic mountain were used not so long ago for keeping the millions below in-step and in-line with the orders of the day, but today you can take a stroll up to the fortress and instead of hearing the barking of military men you’ll her the laughter of children climbing all over the artillery as if they were always as harmless as the plastic cannons they play with at home. Continue reading “Blood Behind the Walls of Montjuic and Castelldefels”

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