Happy Birthday, Gorby!

Dear Mr. Gorbachev,

Many years and miles lie between you and I, and we do not share language or culture. We are not compatriots, nor was I an anonymous face in the crowds that met you in the world’s capitals. I am, however, both a beneficiary and admirer of your attempt to bring into existence a more peaceful world. So I write to you today, to congratulate you on ninety-one years of life, work, and thought.

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With “Vivacity and Energy”, Young Workers are Rejuvenating India’s Trade Unions

Challenging the adage that ‘In India, unionism starts at forty,’ a new generation of Indian workers are taking the reins of union leadership in their workplaces. With some 600 million people under the age of twenty-five, young Indian workers have the potential to transform the way Indian unions look and organise. Continue reading “With “Vivacity and Energy”, Young Workers are Rejuvenating India’s Trade Unions”

Australia Urged to Condemn Human Rights Horror in the Philippines

When Marklen Maojo Maga was playing basketball with some friends, plain-clothes security agents seized the thirty-nine year old union organiser and forced him into an unmarked van, accusing him of possessing firearms and hand-grenades. Maga has just dropped off his son to school, he protested; and why, his union asked, would he be carrying explosives while playing basketball? Continue reading “Australia Urged to Condemn Human Rights Horror in the Philippines”

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