Photo Essay: The Ruins of Jerez – Palmera Plaza Grand Hotel

The abandoned Palmera Plaza Grand Hotel is emblematic of Jerez de la Frontera’s period of boom and bust in tourism and construction. Having opened its doors as a five-star, luxury hotel in the heart of the city centre, Palmera Plaza now festers in disrepair; attracting vandals, fire-bugs and the curious to explore its apocalyptic interior. Palmera Plaza is but one example of hundreds, thousands even, of abandoned buildings in the city’s historical centre, a centre struggling to compete with large commerce on the peripheries of town and a centre scarred by industrial abandon and nearly a decade of recession. In an old newspaper report on the abandoned hotel, an elderly Miguel laments: “And to think what this neighbourhood used to be.. Before there were bodegas everywhere and there was a lot of  life. Now ninety percent of us are elderly and we’re afraid of getting involved in scuffles.. This is a ruin..”


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