Flamenca Fashion of Jerez de la Frontera (Photo Gallery)

The aroma of Jerez’s famous sherry wines that lingers through the Gonzalez Byass bodega mixes with the floral perfumes and colognes of the crowd that congregates in an old wine cellar to watch some of the most beautiful Andaluzas model the latest in flamenca fashion…

That was how I began my report on the Pasarela Flamenca in 2016, Jerez’s own fashion show which has grown year after year into the dazzling event that it is today. In 2017 I returned to the Pasarela, this time with a camera in hand.

The gallery below includes designs from:

These dresses are mainly designed for feria in mind; the time of year when Andalucía stops for a week of dancing sevillanas and drinking fino in the sun. Apart from feria there is the annual Rocío pilgrimage, where countless thousands of people make their way by horse-and-cart through the Doñana national park, dancing sevillanas and drinking fino in the sun. Then there are the professional dancers who wear these dresses in their performances in tabancos, peñas and festivals year round.



The designers cater to all tastes and styles. There are the more traditional style outfits with their classic polka-dot design and fringed shawls, and there are also elegant full body evening-gown-style pieces which steal the show. Then there are the more modern inspirations featuring sixties-inspired patterns, tropical kaleidoscopes and floral summer-dress fusions, more appropriate, it seems to me, for the sweltering-hot feria days than the heavy pieces that are normally worn. Some outfits are more casual, appropriate even for a night out or, say, a day out at the races (to offer Australian readers an equivalent) with pants and short-skirts making a show.



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